“22 years old photographer, born and raised in the Province of Como, currently based in Varese where he lives and studies. His work points to describe his homeland, analyzing human condition and all the changes brought by recent years of industrialization. During the past year, his research extended to Italian Southern regions, far from his native land, where he counts to continue his project in the years ahead.

His aesthetic research is strongly influenced by the neo-topographical American movement, nevertheless, the motifs and the approach are, for what concerns style, far from what characterizes the movement, and they try to represent the Italian province in its complexity and uniqueness visuality

He’s also running a documentary project in Brasil, in the remote town where his parents grew up, describing the vagueness of having distant and imperceptible roots. and the never-ending sensation of not belonging to any place”

Cecilia Nobili


 2016 – Erba (CO)  – Exhibition –  Opificio Zappa 

2017 – Como –  Exhibition – Allineamenti Festival – Museo Paolo Giovio 

2017 – Cantù (CO) –  Group Exhibition – Corte San Rocco

2017 –  Erba (CO) – Exhibition – Opificio Zappa

2018 – Venezia – Group Exhibition “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia” – Centro Culturale Candiani


2018 – First Prize (ex aequo), Sezione Territorio Italiano, “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia”


2016 –  Member of Artinzone Collective

2018 – Featured on Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine – Printed Vol. 1 (ITA)

2018 – Featured on The Eye of Photography  (FR)

2018 – Interview on Iso400 (ITA)

2018 – Interview on ArtWort (ITA)

2018 – Interview on C41 (ITA)

2018 – Interview on Osso Magazine (ITA)

2019 – Featured on Edge of Humanity  (USA)

2019 – Interview on 121Clicks (USA)