Italobrazilian 22 years old photographer and human-safari
enthusiast, born in Como, currently working in Varese.
His work is mainly focused on the description of his territory, analyzing the human condition and the influence of modern era in his homeland region itself, especially in the area of neo-topography.
He also photographed out of the country, especially in Brasil where he’s running a documentary project about the rural town where his father was born and grow up.
His work has been exposed in groups and solo expositions in Italy.
He’s member of Artinzone collective since 2016


2016 – Erba (CO)  – Exhibition –  Opificio Zappa

2017 – Como (CO) –  Exhibition – Allineamenti Festival – Museo Paolo Giovio

2017 – Cantù (CO) –  Exhibition – Corte San Rocco

2017 –  Erba (CO) – Exhibition – Opificio Zappa

2018 – SOON (9 November 2018) – Group Exhibition “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia” – Biennale Venezia


2018 – Finalist: “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia”


2016 –  Member of Artinzone Collective

2017 – Featured on Photographic Mercadillo

2018 – Featured on Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine

2018 – Featured on The Eye of Photography

2018 – Interview on Iso400

2018 – Interview on ArtWort