Born in Como in 1996, Gianluca Morini started his photographic journey as an autodidact at 18. Paralleling his interest with undergraduate studies, he began developing finer projects and exhibiting in his native province. In 2018 his work has been shown at Centro Culturale Candiani, concomitantly with Yuri Catania’s exhibit “No Fashion Places for America”. On this occasion, within the contest “Insegne : Parole e Immagini d’Italia” he shared the first place with Riccardo Bertoia. In 2019 he placed third in the photography section of Novelli contemporary art prize.

His work appears in several publications, both national and international.

His vision and research are fueled by the observation of territory and urban spaces and the peculiar relationships that occur between land and its inhabitants. His main subjects are Italy, his motherland, and Brazil, where his parents were born.


2017 – Como –  Exhibition – Allineamenti Festival – Museo Paolo Giovio 

2017 – Cantù (CO) –  Group Exhibition – Corte San Rocco

2017 –  Erba (CO) – Exhibition – Opificio Zappa

2018 – Venezia – Group Exhibition “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia” – Centro Culturale Candiani

2019 – Castelfranco Veneto (TV) – Group Exhibition Sottosopra Festival

2019 – Verolanuova (BS) – Group Exhibition Premio Nocivelli – Chiesa della Disciplina

2019 – Chiari (BS) – Groups Exhibition Observa Street Photo Festival, with Giorgio Galimberti, Salvatore Mattarazzo, Camilla Ferrari and Stefano Lista – Museo della città

2019 – Milano – Novegro Photo Day – Represented by Caielli Fine Art with Martina Premazzi and Alessandro Liguori 

2019 – Brescia – Palazzo Martinengo, with Jacopo Valentini, Alessandra and Roberta Ruggero – Curated by Daniele Astrologo Abadal


2018 – Winner (ex aequo with Riccardo Bertoia) – Sezione Territorio Italiano, “Insegne: Parole e Immagini d’Italia” – Centro Culturale Candiani

2019 – Finalist – Concorso Fotografico Nazionale Città di Follonica – Sezione Portfolio

2019 – Third Place – Sezione Fotografia Premio Nocivelli 


2018 –  The Eye of Photography  (FR)

2018 – Osso Magazine (IT)

2019 – Edge of Humanity  (USA)

2019 – 121Clicks (USA)

2019 – Fisheye Magazine (FR)

2020 – Art Wave (IT)

2020 – Noc Sensei (New Old Camera) (IT)

2020 – FramePress Magazine (IT)

2020 – Subjectively Objective, May (USA)

2020 – Landscape Stories Magazine (IT)

2020 – Float Magazine (USA)


2018 – “Focus on” by Alessandro Pancosta – Interview for Iso400 (IT)

2018 – Interview for C41 (IT)

2019 – Interview for Discorsi Fotografici Magazine, by Federico Emmi (IT)

2019 – “Il giorno fu pieno di gelo, ma ora arriva la sera. Fotografare mondi lontani-vicini” – Interview on Stile Arte  (IT)

2020 – Interview for Of the land and us (UK)



2018 – Featured on Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine – Printed Vol. 1 (ITA)

2020 – Zone MagazineIssue 01, curated by Ali Beşikçi and Bülent Erkmen, printed by Ofset Yapimevi (TU)

2020 – BestselectedVol. III, curated by Vanni Pandolfi (IT)