I started this project in 2017, drawn to develop its embryonic form by personal necessity. I wanted to re-evaluate the place where I was born and raised, explore it and especially capture it

Twenty-five years ago, my parents decided to leave Brazil. I was born in a land that should have welcomed me as a native but kept its distance instead. I was born in a land that relegated me to the position of the perpetual tourist, that never let me understand why I was linked to it, or how to have an active interaction with. That saudade sentiment, of something lost – that perhaps was never owned – so nuanced and inexplicable, often revealed itself while I tried to connect to my everyday life there. 

Starting last year, I decided to cross the boundaries of my homeland, Lombardy, one of the most Northern Italian region, looking for analogies. 

Commercial activities, homes, even light poles, succeed in defining how we manage space and how we elaborate on the relationship with our own kind, and ultimately with nature, outlining our cultural identity. The lifestyle and the architectures of the modern province, kitsch interiors as a permanent mark of a gone generation, the persistent, neat separation between rural and urban areas were what I was mainly focused on.

In an attempt to dialogue with a land that I never felt belonging to, trying to shape the involved relation with my routine, I collected the fragments of visual experience, familiar or not, that I felt could contribute to the forming of a genuine perception of reality, no longer distant and idealized, but present and in continuous change, of everything that falls within the normality of our modern era and that for many, is nothing new.

The work is completely done on film, 120 and 35 mm


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Gargano, Puglia - 2018